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    Kathy J. sent these pics from her tour night:  

As we arrived at our first stop, we knew the night was going to yield great results. The doves were cooing!

Again, the gardener poses for us. And in this one it almost looks like a HUGE faint orb over the black roof!

    In the next series of pics, the huge orb has moved to the left.

Of course we can always count on there being orbs at this spot. We think we know who a few of these spirits are!

    Doug T. sent in these pics from the Jan 30th tour:


    Doug was definitely paying attention in the presentation when Chris was talking about how important it is to take more than one picture. And look what he got! A big, black shadow (which Chris also talked about in our presentation), shows up on our psychic medium's feet. Doug quickly snapped another pic and the shadow was gone.
    We enjoyed helping Connor celebrate his birthday with his family when they booked a private ghost tour with us. Here's Connor having fun learning how to dowse for ghosts. Little did he know he had a piggy back rider hitching a ride on his shoulder!!

It was an active night as the spirits followed us around town! Here in the alley we can always count on a good video, pic or two. This night proved a success again with a little moving orb!

    Our Feb. 27th tour was one to remember! It seemed that activity this night was extremely high starting with the doves cooing on cue, to Sarah's presence in the courtyard all the way to the finish of the tour. Most everyone felt the ghosts around us and everyone got such great pics that it's hard to post all of them here. We've included the best of the best:  
    Here are some great pics that Tricia M. sent us:  





Tricia captured this orb at the top and to the left of the x in the road - one of our favorite orb places!

    Here's Tricia's

Here's Selena's

Here's the same orb - but it was tour participant and Spirit Quest practitioner Selena Hodges and her husband who captured this one!





Here's Toni's!





The orbs were colorful this night. Tricia caught this beautiful reddish-pink orb where we usually connect with "the Gardener" who has passed on.





In the picture to the left, and almost at the same spot, Selena also caught what might be the same reddish-pink orb!



In the picture to the right, Selena got this great orb pic in the courtyard next to Kourtney's leg. Maybe the orb is Sarah looking at the camera pic too? (Ignore the round orb looking thing on the tree in the background. That's just a lawn ornament).

    Gabe & Lesa sent us these the below fantastic pics from the same Feb 27th tour:  



Look at these two spooky red obs in the tree above the hanging tree!

    And check out the moving orbs Gabe & Lesa got at Whitehall! (Two views - far away and up close).  



    Randy P. got some very interesting pics on this tour as well!  
    Randy got what looks like a vortex of moving orbs in the upper left side of the picture below:

Check out the strange looking vortex above Kourtney's head in this one!

    Randy also got a cool orb in the tree branches above the hanging tree:

And look at this strange thing that showed up in the corner of one of Randy's pics of the X in the road where the orbs hang out. Possibly the beginnings of an apparition?


Toni H. caught this great pic by the old post office. Always lots of activity to be found there!



 Way to go, Toni!! A moving orb at Whitehall!!




X marks the spot.... again!

    Seems like every tour just gets better and better! David M. and his wife Lauren got some fantastic pics.


Here's one David got. Of course the orbs love to hang around Kourtney as she's giving messages from the spirits!





Look at this little orbie. He's soaking up the lamp light!





Another great pic that David got was filled will color orbs! Orange, blue, yellow...



When the bank was robbed for the second time in the 1930's one of the robbers almost got away. Almost. He was shot near this tree. David picked up several orbs hanging around there.




David's wife, Lauren got this teensy tiny orb hovering over Chris' head as David talked to him. What's up with that???


And check this out... David and Lauren captured orbs, different cameras, almost the same spot!


Here's Lauren's

Here's David's. WAY TO GO GUYS!!!!!!!!

    Randy P. decided to attend the tour again and he got more great pics! Several have unexplainable orange misty glow orbs...  



And here we go again! The same orb in the same place as Tricia and Selena both caught on their pics from the Feb 27th tour, which Randy was on as well!  Verrrry interesting!!!

    After having to reschedule our tour several times due to bad weather, we were finally able to get back out there and into the thick of things again. And boy, did the ghosts miss us! We had a very active night tonight!


    Check out this very cool vortex that Lucas D. got on his camera. The vortex showed up right over Naomi as she was connecting with the spirits at the hanging tree!

Danielle M. found some intriguing pics when she got home!

Here's a great pic where many people always seem to get nice, big orbs!!


Looks like Charlie was watching us! See him hanging around on the left? Watching...


Ohhhh yeah!!  Look up, everyone!!  



  Star energy!!


Several people caught this orb tonight - the orb above Chris' head - and each person with a different camera! LOVE It!!


Here's Danielle's pic....


Here's another view with the orb to the right. See it over the tree trunk?

Susie A. was getting the same orb. You can see it in the picture above, as well as the picture to the right.  Naomi, and others on the tour were getting the name "Joseph" attached to this spirit energy.




Here's the orb again, right above Chris' head. Way to go, Susie!!

Susie enlarged the orb below so we could see it up close. Beautiful!

    Julie O. found some very interesting phenomena showing up in her pictures this evening! Check out the cool streaks and misty swirls!




These two pics not only have some interesting misty swirls, but also some strange blue lights in the upper left corner of each one. Electric blue orbs... wow!





                  Here's the blue anomaly in the second pic showing up yet again!

    Susie A. got some fantastic pictures this evening! Check these out!

Here's the gardener close to the gazebo - seems he's on the move. And look how bright he's appeared!!


Susie cropped the pic to show the orb up close. Nice, dense orb. Love to see these!


Everyone was getting some strange feelings around this building. And sure enough! Susie captured this guy hanging around.


                  And here it is blown up. Niiiice!






In the picture to the left - do you suppose Charlie was watching us? The orb showing up in this pic (top middle) sure seems to be hanging out close to Charlie's bedroom!


Look at this! A veeery curious orb. Perhaps wondering why we were there?   Naomi connected with this spirit in a very close way. She kept saying the name, "Elizabeth" as we were walking the tour in this area. Finally, Elizabeth made herself known on the camera and confirmed to Naomi and Susie that this indeed was her energy showing upon the one camera as a big, beautiful pastel violet and blue spirit orb. She was watching and watching us.....





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